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November 15, 2008


Now, unlike my friends who were already turned off by the title, I was actually excited to see the new Seth Rogan and even read a really great review in the paper which I thought validated my expectation that this would actually be a bit of a love story.  Well, it could have been.  If zoning in on Miri getting misty and steely eyed from different vantage points around the room was the sole criteria of "romantic", then maybe.  It just wasn't there.  Justin Long was annoying and strange, Brandon Routh just looked really uncomfortable and Miri was long winded without a point.  Enjoyed the snappish and dirty dialogue, for about 45 minutes and then grew quite bored of expletives and THAT is a feat because me loves my expletives like Oprah loves them grits! The relationships never glue, barely make sense at all and the money thing doesn't play.  People with absolutely no cash don't go to bars to drink, manage to so quickly cultivate relationships with people who would only really be interested in money and have no way with no family or cash to up and disappear to a new life in a virtual hour from leaving the coffe shop/porno studio.  If they'd taken a bit more time, it could have worked and been a bit more relevant.  If we could see Zack and Miri actually interested in one another or protective of one another or even be a little bit sexy.  The "making love" left so much to be desired.  All but for the happy post orgasmic smile to Blondie, all genuine attempts at emotion are non existant.  It bothers me because it could have been a decent film.  If it wasn't so proud of itself before it actually acquired some substance, the movie I expected to see could have been there.  The "I'm fucking Seth Rogan" video was more entertaining.  I especially hated the contrived "leaving the party with the slutty chick", which supposedly causes the rift, and then explaining later that all they did was "talk about" Miri.  Makes me want to vomit.  So much for honesty.  This from the guy who propositions anything/everything including a hand job at the reunion...very inconsistant and barely entertaining.  A person has to have a redeemable quality to make the audience care that they have suffered a loss and he says he has a feeling, but it isn't actionable in the least.  If dressing up in a costume and getting shot in the balls is supposed to show his penence....it's not sufficient.  I think Zack and Miri should have had the kind of relationship after 21 years where they could anticipate one another just a little and only be confused by their own feelings and have that cloud their judgement about one another's intentions in so far as each of them believes they are worth being loved.