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November 27, 2010

Why I started Unsolicited Productions.

I chose the name "Unsolicited Productions" because every time I tried to get my script into the hands of an established production company, I was told the same thing over and over.  "I'm sorry, but we do not accept unsolicited material."  My question was, "How do I get my stuff solicited?"  I actually asked a lady at Gary Sanchez Production that very question when I called them to offer them theNatural Selection script. Her advice to me was to shoot the movie myself, then put it on youtube and funnyordie and if it's good someone might buy it.  She explained to me that the pilot for "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" was shot for like $300.  That's great for them I thought, but there is no way I can shoot this movie myself.  After about three days I finally came upon an idea that I could shoot myself and do it for practically no budget.  I started writing a new script.  It was going to be a short film.  It was something that I felt could go viral on the internet, but I did not have the passion that I have for Natural Selection.  Then about a week later I had an "Ah ha" experience and I realized that I was not utilizing my resources.  I may not be able to shoot this film myself, but I have the vision and a completed script.  All I have to do is get my idea to the people who can help me.  I thought to myself, well I may not be able to shoot the movie myself, but I sure as hell can draw it and it would be alot easier to show someone my idea than to get them to read the script and hope they get it.  That's when it all came together for me.  The solution for me was to create a production company called "Unsolicited Producitons", put up a website where I can develop my ideas and get it out to people that can help me get it produced. So here I am.  Please check it out.

Read the full script at: http://unsolicitedprods.com