James Franco hosted SNL to promote his new movie The Interview, so it probably was not surprising when his co-star Seth Rogen stopped by. Or maybe it was surprising, if you’re easily surprised! What might have been more surprising (or less surprising, please calibrate your surprised scales and determine for yourself what level surprised you were during various moments of the show) is that musical guest Nicki Minaj also appeared in sketches—three of them! She was great which did not feel surprising because she is often great, and James Franco was pretty great, too, which also felt not-surprising since he’s hosted before and made a whole documentary about that so why WOULDN’T he be great? But again, if you were surprised at these things or anything in the show, that’s completely okay, as everyone is surprised in different ways and by different things.

In the MTV “hip hop nativity” sketch, Jesus’s parents are Beyonce and Justin Bieber, which seems crazy disrespectful to Beyonce, but it’s worth it to see Nicki Minaj play Beyonce. If you think about it, Minaj has collaborated with Beyonce, and I’d like to assume she spent the entirety of their time together thinking about how she could respectfully impersonate her co-collaborator on a future episode of a weekly sketch comedy show.

For those of you who are really excited about the new Star Wars trailer, you’re in luck because here is a Star Wars trailer SPOOF where they TOTALLY GOOF ON IT. If you listen carefully to the audience during this sketch you’ll hear people laughing but also a lot of people “aww"ing and groaning because they are very concerned about their beloved Star Wars family.

Somewhere in the middle of the episode, we were treated to a “Mike O’Brien Picture,” an especially sweet treat if you miss having O’Brien as a featured player. In this film, a lonely Mike O'Brien grows a friend and all goes smoothly until the fake friend questions the logic of the Internet. Why would you do that? Never question the logic of the Internet. Consider this a WARNING. This. Is. SeRiOuS!!!! Sincerely, The Internet.

Weekend Update began with about three minutes of Michael Che and Colin Jost trying and failing to make sense of the Eric Garner verdict. It was cool to see this new Update desk change the format a bit, with the two anchors interacting more than usual and speaking more from personal experience. I would love to see more stuff like this in the future, like maybe, IDK, they could do Update from my house while eating dinner with me, I’m a great cook, just brainstorming!

Probably the best sketch of the night is also one you might have missed since it’s not on Hulu. A guy tries clearing a bunch of the garbage from his brain to make room for a new password. Between this sketch and the recently cut “10,000 Tweets” sketch, I see a bright future of SNL making extravagant sketches based around someone doing mundane things on their laptop, which is easier for me personally to relate to than sketches where people are outside doing non-computer things.

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