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November 25, 2008


Was it a carefully orchestrated final statement by a calculating mind that was aware of the Tom Cruise/Last Samurai irony?   This former Scientologist,  (which by the way, my computer also refuses to recognize as a real word, capitalized or not,  which makes me appreciate my Mac all the more),  this whack job decides to pull a suicide by cop at 5940 Franklin Ave in Hollywood,  the famous old "Chateau Elysee" and now the celebrity hub for all those who persist in that alien spaceship cult.   He approached security guards waving a sword in each hand when he was shot once and killed.    As the planets align this weekend we can only imagine,  oh wait,  Ann Coulter's jaw was wired shut.  Many prayers answered.   Stranger than fiction perhaps,  cartoonish naked apes just a few hundred years removed from the forest, absolutely.   I hereby claim rights to the script.