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April 23, 2012

Firsthand stories from a soldier in the Call of Duty world.

Battle of the Dome

I am thrown into a strange world from the nothining-ness that I once was. I am unable to move at the moment, standing in front of what appears to be floating numbers that count down to one. There are others around me standing near me and we are all facing the same direction. The countdown hits zero and suddenly I feel like I have control over my movements. The others run off and I can see what appear to be names with underscores and numbers hovering just above their heads. Some of the other men run off too fast for me to read their names but I can still see the others'. A few examples of these names are Masta_B8ter, TheJizzIsUp05, and MommazToy69. I follow TheJizzIsUp05. He notices that I am following him and starts to open fire on me with intent to kill. I start to run away from the madman but I know there is no way of me getting out of this without a couple bullets in me. But by some crazy miracle I am untouched. I am very angry at TheJizzIsUp05's betrayal so I return fire from my AK47. The bullets do not harm him. I don't understand. Why do my bullets not hurt him? Are these fake bullets? Is this some sort of simulation? What kind of world is this?

Now that I know these guns can do no harm, I run freely through enemy territory. I jump up and down, run circles around cars, spin around and around, and empty clips into the endless sky. I see an enemy soldier approach from around a hallway. He fires at me and I am immediately hurt. I somehow manage to hide from him, behind a car, and I am hurt badly. I breathe heavily and my vision is blurred red. It looks as though I am in a room that is used for developing black and white photographs. What can I do? The enemy's bullets seem to have an affect on me but mine will not work. Then suddenly a small white icon appears in my vision, and it looks like a picture of a grenade. Instructions pop up in front of me and say something like "Hold R2 to toss grenade". What the hell is an R2? The grenade explodes and I die immediately. 

I am having this weird out of body experience. Actually I am having an "in" body experience but this body is not my own. I see through someone else's eyes. Then things start to get familiar. I am running up to the truck I just died next to. Then all of a sudden I see me. Still alive! But now I am shooting at me. And now I am tossing a grenade at me. As soon as I toss the grenade I am thrown out of the foreign body and I follow the trajectory of grenade. It lands right next to the still alive me. Then it explodes, just as before.

After a second of darkness I stand exactly where I started out in this world. I am untouched by bullets or shrapnel and feel 100%. Why am I not dead? Why do I get a second chance at this cruel world? I start to run back into battle even though I still fear for my life. I feel like I have no control over my actions and wish I could just quit this life.