Well Nation, you’ve come to the right web page, that is if you’re looking for highlights from The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, or, as Stephen Colbert called it during the premiere, “The Late Show With Starring Stephen Colbert.” That funny line is itself a highlight from the show but definitely there are other more specific highlights, including ones that are clips and not just lines that Colbert said.

If it seems like mere months ago that Stephen Colbert had a big star-studded party episode to celebrate the end of his last show, that’s because it was indeed mere months ago. But, as they say, every end of a cable show comes with the beginning of a new, bigger network show, and Colbert started off his new gig as you would any proper television experience and/or sports game, with a rousing performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The National Anthem even ended with an appearance from a very special umpire. Which leads us to the question, if Jon Stewart is the umpire of Late Show, what does that make Colbert? Coach? DH? Pitcher? Third-base umpire? FIRST-BASE umpire??? Who’s to say — but I do hope they tell us at some point in the next few decades of Colbert hosting.

During Colbert’s debut monologue, there was a good bit with CBS president Les Moonves about The Mentalist that we’ll just let you watch, just like how maybe some of you watch The Mentalist, I don’t know.

Later in the show, Colbert couldn’t help but get political. After months without a TV show desk behind which to talk about the circus that is the early stages of the U.S. presidential race, Colbert finally got to get in some good Trump jabs. He also got to open a sleeve of Oreos. Two things that are tempting and hard to stop once you start! Pringles are like that, too, but Donald Trump has been recorded talking about Oreos, not Pringles, so Colbert uses Oreos in this segment.

Colbert’s first Late Show guest was George Clooney, a celebrity whom Colbert doesn’t really know, so Colbert commemorated this with a Tiffany paperweight. It was cool seeing this on TV because that’s what I give to celebrities I don’t know, too.

Since Clooney was visiting without anything to promote, he made up a pretend thing to pretend to promote. What a Hollywood prankster! The pretend movie seems pretend good and I will pretend to see it with my real — definitely not pretend — friends.

Then Colbert had an interview with Jeb Bush, a funny young comedian. JK, but this is a nice enough interview with someone running to be President of the United States!

To close out the show, new Late Show bandleader Jean Baptiste led his band, Stay Human, in a performance of Sly and the Family Stone’s “Everyday People” with Mavis Staples, members of Alabama Shakes, Ben Folds, Beirut, and more, PLUS a singing Stephen Colbert himself.

Colbert wasn’t the only person to come back for the song, even if it is just kinda spookily in the background:

Will Colbert’s show be this big of a deal every night? Probably not because that seems expensive, but we will keep watching for sure.