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March 06, 2015

Daily Show: F*ck These People (People = Ferguson Police)

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The Department of Justice report on Ferguson released yesterday is the exact type of story The Daily Show is designed for, and it didn’t disappoint.

As it turns out, the outrage on both sides of the debate was further fueled by the report, both saying that Michael Brown did not actually have his hands up in surrender when Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot him. But also, that the Ferguson Police Department was guilty of widespread racist police practices.

In the opening segment of last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart tackled the various sides of the media bolstering their argument and generally yelling “we’re right you’re wrong, see!” or whatever — including some disturbing statistics on Ferguson P.D.‘s racism.

After the primer, Stewart throws it to Senior Ferguson Correspondent Jessica Williams, who has a few choice words for Ferguson P.D. (specifically, she says, “Fuck these people,” and who can blame her?). Also you get a good look at the super regal-looking Ferguson Police Headquarters.