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March 21, 2009


Some very good stuff recently. Caption away, my minions!

Mike McHuman writes:

Thanks Jason and everyone who participated this time. This was hard than I thought it would be to judge. All of them made me laugh.

Honourable Mentions go to lizardladyfla for "how can I lose you ??" and sabre419 for "Just walk..."

3rd Place: jimbobalouie

This invitation
Blatant error of judgement
Or sign of the times

I love it that there is no punctuation!

2nd Place: Borrowed_Time

You think this is bad
The braille on the furnace door
Needs some changing too

Probably only needs have the burnt flesh scrubbed off.

1st Place: MacSpruce

Handicapped take note:
As a safety precaution,
please hold the railing.

MacSpruce: ever the helpful citizen!
Congrats, Mac, Your turn in the hot seat.