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December 08, 2015

An anonymous woman is "giving the people something they didn't ask for," aka squishing her face into various breads.

When the Aliens arrive on Earth and they ask you what the internet is, what will you show them? Will it be Nyan Cat? Keyboard Cat? Grumpy Cat? Wait, not so cat, I mean, fast! Because it’s time to throw every internetty thing you were planning on showing our inevitable extraterrestrial guests into the trash so that you can, instead, show them @breadfaceblog.

Breadfaceblog, as described in a bio sandwiched (ha!) between two bread emoji, is all about “giving the people something they didn’t ask for.” That something is videos of an anonymous woman shoving her face into different varieties of bread, including Hawaiian sweet rolls, cornbread, challah, and more, while listening to an R&B song. Why is this the internet thing you should show to the aliens? If you had to ask, maybe you’re the one who’s the alien. In which case, watch these videos below. At the very least, it will teach you which breads are the best for squishing your face into.

14. Palagonia Large Seeded Twist

A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

12. Cornbread

A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

10. King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

13. Fay Da plain steamed bun

A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

7. Challah bread

A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

h/t DeathAndTaxes