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September 06, 2017

It's a long wait until Season 8 of Game of Thrones, but don't worry, incest fans, these other TV shows also maybe kind of have incestuous relationships.

After a season jam-packed with sister on brother and however-Jon-Snow-and-Daenerys-are-related-to-each-other sexual shenanigans, Game of Thrones fans now have to wait over a year before season 8 brings them more inter-familial fornication. In the meantime, check out these old and current television shows that kind of hint at sexual relations between family members in order to get your incest fix.

Ross and Monica from Friends

Ross and Rachel.png

The One Where They Give in to Their Animal Urges

There may have been nothing overtly sexual about the Geller siblings’ relationship, but the way those friends exhausted all possible sexual combinations, it was only a matter of time before Ross and Monica had a hilarious sitcom sibling hook up.

Jason Priestly’s and Shannen Doherty’s characters from Beverly Hills 90210


It’s not weird to assume “teenage” siblings had an incestuous relationship if the actors who played them were like 40 at the time, right?

Brandon and Brenda Walsh were pretty much a modern American version of the Lannisters: attractive, wealthy siblings who played by their own rules. And we all know that leads to incest. I guess that would make Luke Perry 90210‘s Euron Greyjoy. Watch the series again, this analogy makes perfect sense.

The Reagan family from Blue Bloods


Rookie Son, Grandpa Cop, Cop Dad, District Attorney Daughter, Detective Son, definitely/probably/maybe all fucking

For those unfamiliar with Blue Bloods, it’s like a dumbed-down version of Law & Order for people who love cops and crime busting, but hate lawyers and trials. It may not have dramatic courtroom scenes, but it does have one thing Law & Order lacked: a family of cops who are probably all fucking.

Bud and Kelly from Married with Children

bud and kelly.jpg

Love and marriage, love and marriage, can’t go together when the lovers are siblings because society hasn’t read enough George R. R. Martin

The Married With Children writers got a lot of mileage out of Bud being a sexually frustrated nerd and his sister Kelly being dumb and promiscuous. In fact, those traits were pretty much their entire characters. It’s probably safe to assume some light to moderate incest occurred between the two of them.

Ray and Robert from Everybody Loves Raymond

ray and robert.jpg

House Raymond

Yeah, these brothers fucked. Next.

Donald and Ivanka - The Apprentice

donald and ivanka.jpg

The Art of the Cop-a-Feel

Probably the least subtle incestuous relationship in all of television. Compared to Donald and Ivanka, Jamie and Cersei Lannister come off like Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Phil and Lil from Rugrats

phil and lil.png

Rugrats was a really messed up show

OK, hear me out. No one’s saying these babies had an incestuous relationship. But the foreshadowing is probably all there to suggest that when they grew up, they definitely got it on. A modern day show about grown up Phil and Lil would be a nonstop incestathon. So think about that while you wait for Game of Thrones season 8, incest fans.