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Published: April 11, 2009
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First off the word blog is horrible. It sounds overweight. Also this is my first "blog" ever, and considering it is my "blog" and basically no one will read it , Im going to go ahead and decide on a different word that I will be using in place of  the word "blog". Really, I feel out of shape just typing the word. It makes my computer screen appear oily. It has to be a strong sounding word. A word that is more attractive than all other words and makes other less attractive words envious of its manlyness (also since this is my "place awesome word here" I will be spelling words as I believe they SHOULD be spelled) . A word I can use without  others accusing  me of being bi-sexual or possibly bi-curious. A word that would appear in the movie "Troy". A word that you would spell using only blood, rocks, and sexyness. Obviously I have a lot to think about. Any word replacement suggestions and questions are welcomed but may be unappreciated.
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