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Published October 25, 2012

Alright, let's get into the Halloween spirit, shall we?

I remember being much younger, and watching documentaries on the mothman. Let me tell you, when you are young and impressionable, and grown ups claim to see a big scary mothman talking to them, it scares you like a tiny pug pupy being flipped upside down.

I'm not claiming I've ever seen a mothman, I was just afriad I would. I mean, moths are kind of freaky on their own, but a big, hairy, red-eyed moth that can talk to me? That is too scary to be real. Right? Right? Guys? Right?

So yes, I've never watched the 2002 Richard Gere film until this past weekend. I can't say that it brought back the same fear that I felt when I listened to "eye witnesses" talk about red eyes in bushes and being followed by men in black, but it did an effective job of telling the story.

It's by no means like our modern thrillers like Paranormal Activity, but I appreciated the subtleness. If this movie were a party-goer, it would have tried the punch, and maybe had one shot to tie it over for the night, but by no means did it try the beer bong and wake up cuddling the neighbor's pooch.

To be honest, my main issue with the film is that I was too distracted trying to guess how old Richard Gere and Debrah Messing were, yet too lazy to get up and check (or reach out for my phone and check). I'm literally sitting in front of a computer right now typing this, and still don't have it in me to look it up. That takes like five minutes! I can be looking at pictures of pugs in dresses in that time! I'm just going to guess that Debrah Messing was sixteen and Richard Gere was fourty-three and three quarters. That sounds close enough.

My rating: An adorable mothman face.
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