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September 23, 2011

Is this myspace...on funny or die.... is it funny or die?

Ah... What a world...where the only questions that people don't ask are "What's in the world"

Alright, story time...

So, I recently disowned my dad (Guam resident)... and it feels good.

Figured out some important things about how the world works... and why the economy is struggling...

While nobody is perfect, certain things from the past remain true:

Fact #1: It is curiously interesting that before the Great Depression, there was World War I...and around the time of the Great Depression, "archaeologists" raided King Tut's tomb.

Fact #2: It is also interesting to note that Hitler's secret agenda according to Hollywood (and they love money in Hollywood) was to find the Holy Grail and live forever.

Fact #3: It is even more interesting to note that when you look at pictures of the Vatican archives, you see a bunch of Egyptian artifacts, yet no one realizes where they came from...

Fact #4: Even slightly less interesting is the fact that Hitler not only ended up being exiled out of Europe (tangent: Comparisons can be made to S.Hussein, O.B.Laden, and Ghadafi...hmmm), but used most of Germany's resources to not only ruin the country, ruin Europe, and ruin a lot of innocent religious peoples' (whos views were different than his) opportunity to live a nice life. Also interesting is the FBI case files (available online in the FBI Vault) which clearly show that Mr. Adolfo was in fact a closet loser all along. Now, drawing a perfect equilateral triangle with words to sum Fact# 4 up, it should be noted that Hitler is the reason why pyramid schemes exist. He lost a dumb egotistical driven war based on a self-created struggle (which no one should read about in my opinon...and I will always refuse the garbage that Prison inmates use to feel better about their shitty lives [aka Hitler's little Struggle book that mirrored Mussolini's little struggle with trying to unecessarily conquer African countries like Eritrea, and Mr. Mao TsingTao's little book that says "listen to my little baby ego or I will kill you..."]) that ended up in millions...MILLIONS...of natural resources being wasted, which we are all feeling the effects of. Anyways, so A.H. (ah, what a fuckin' moron...) fled to Argentina and was spotted with two women, and had some Nazi doctor fly out and meet him...and he forced these two women to ride horses for whatever reason.

Opinion/Comprehension #1: Hitler, all mighty and weak bossdude that should be a bad guy in some new video game where you get to be a CIA agent hunting down morons that dictate too much while making crucial allies along the way, rather than a fuckin' bullshit Call of Duty type of game where its based on a little war that received too much publicity...(comma),...

-pee break-

...wanted a sex change. Not only does this show immense insecurity, weakness, and an embarassing lifeform, but it shows that people who kill MILLIONS of people should not be payed attention to. And, I'm talking individuals here. Anyways, it is clearly apparent to me that the Nazi doctors in Germany were trying to find the best way to sucessfully try and switch body parts (yes, that is disgusting, but so is a lot of the world's history...and people can learn from that)...and once they thought they found it (of course, the Holy Grail would help him feel not so guilty about such a dumbass attempt at changing his life without changing his outlook on the world....), they tried to apply it. So, what better way to get blood pumping enough to transfer bodies, than horseback riding while doctors set up to rape some more innocent people? The better way would have been for Mr. Adolfy (not even close to deserving his name respect) to simply fill his boots with concrete and struggle with that instead of such a sick and fucked up thing that happened with WWII.

Fact #1 (new fact portion): It is obvious that people blame the 43rd president of the United States for "starting another war." Well, to those people, I say a blantant "Fuck you." Not only did that president (go google it if you don't know who he is) PREVENT another large scale war, but he cleaned up the Clinton Administrations mess in the process. While good ol' Elvis look-alike and his Gorey Fear Monger ("GLOBAL WARMING IS OUR FAULT! WE CONTROL MOTHER NATURE!!! FORGET ABOUT THE RESOURCES LOST IN SAVING EUROPE DURING WWII!!") were getting sucked off, (yeah, there may be a subconcious connection there...in b&w) Armenia was being killed off, the Middle East was being fucked over, and Nixon's buddies were trying to figure out how to get in office again. Well, the 43rd president not only proved that the U.S. is strongest when we work together, but he beat the shit out of the fuckin' retards who believe that religion is not free for fucking up our world, their own citizens' world, and the world.

Fact #2: Note, that since all that fake extremist religion bullshit started up (after 9/11 - and don't forget how many people, birds, structures, and forms of live were negatively affected because of it...may their souls rest in peace and teach our future generations about the value of not taking things for granted too much....), the entire world economy has been acting like a ship cruising through the perfect storm...Go watch that movie if you're angry at this blog. I like Marine Biology; pretend I'm on that boat. Anyways, now some of the country feels like "hm...I'm afraid to admit that I don't know whats going on, rather than finding out whats going on..." and this is not only morally despicable, but fucking wrong for survival. So, I propose this question: "Why are people so interested in fucking each other over moreso than fixing their own fuck-ups?"

Once again,

"Why are people so interested in fucking each other over, moreso than fixing their own fuck-ups?"

-end of blog-