Adam Sandler first saw Andy Samberg's potential in 2007 at a screening of the young comic's debut film, Hot Rod. "It was so shitty it made my eyes well up with tears," Sandler told Hollywood Leek.

"It was certainly no Click. And it wasn't expensive enough to be as massively craptacular as Jack and Jill. But it had the rawness of an open sewer that I look for in a film. I knew that with my help this kid could go on to disappoint millions for years to come."

At a recent press junkit to promote the duo's upcoming movie, That's My Boy, Samberg spoke about his experience working with Sandler, who he called a "legendary turd-maker."

"I've studied Sandler's methods closely. It mostly involves getting together with friends from college, smoking a lot of pot and saying, 'I want to fart on a guy, make it happen.' It's an amazing process."

It seems the baton has been firmly passed, with early tracking for That's My Boy sucking all-time ass. "I've already gone on to my next project," Samberg continued, "and I owe it all to Adam Sandler."

Look for Gay Quarterback starring Andy Samberg to hit theaters this fall.