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April 30, 2013

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Teacup puppies are not only the tiniest but the most adorable creatures one can come across. Owing to their small size and cute appearance, they are liked by everyone. The name ‘teacup’ is however a misnomer. These small creatures are often referred to as ‘teacups’ due to their extremely small size, as they can easily fit into a teacup.

However, once these creatures begin to urinate and poop around the house they no longer remain cute and it can be highly irritating and frustrating for the owner. In order to avoid this problem from becoming your worst nightmare, it is important that you take out time for potty training your teacup.

If you want to know more on teacup puppies, you can check out iheartteacups reviews.

When you bring home a puppy, you must immediately become aware and be on the lookout as teacups begin to sniff while moving around the house. A common habit with teacups is that they begin sniffing carpets and furniture when they are about to urinate and walk around in circles when they feel the requirement of passing out bowel. Potty training becomes much easier is one is vigilant and pays attention to such behavior patterns.

Potty training should begin by taking your pup to a specific place where you would like them to urinate or pass out bowels, whether you plan their potty business indoors or outdoors. This way not only the house but also the surroundings are kept clean. Sometimes, rewarding your pup each time he urinates or takes a dump in the right place can be an effective way to train your teacup.

It is important to consider that the owner decides the place carefully before actually beginning the potty training, as changing places between the training might confuse the puppy. As the trainer, one must not expose the animal to inconsistency.

The paper method is a popular potty training technique.  In this technique, you must choose a particular area where you want your pup to do his business. Most owners choose the kitchen or bathroom due to the easy to clean linoleum flooring. Areas with carpeted floors should be avoided. Once the area has been chosen, it should be completely covered with paper.

One has to be extremely cautious as teacups eliminate more excreta than most adults. Since animals cannot talk, one must take special notice of their behavioral pattern. The moment you notice your pup is beginning to sniff or move around in circles, it is a clear indication for you to place the teacup in the previously chosen area. Very soon the puppy will use only the designated potty area paper.

Make sure to clean the area, replacing it with fresh paper every time.

Once your pup gets used the paper technique, you can gradually lessen the amount of paper you place eventually leaving just the amount your pup requires to do his business. If you wish to keep your teacup from doing their job outside, then it is best to shift the paper used slowly until it reaches the designated spot.

Teacups require much love, care and attention. They return much the same to its master.

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