With Halloween right around the corner and a new bundle of joy in your arms, you might be thinking about different baby Halloween costume ideas. This top 10 list of Halloween costumes for babies will keep you on your toes with giggles and awe’s, right up till you find the perfect one!

 1. Hot Dog Bunting Costume - Kohl’s $29.74

  Your baby might be made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, but this Halloween you can have your little one made of different flavors: ketchup, mustard, relish, and meat! The Hot Dog Bunting Costume is obviously hilarious while still being simply adorable. You can find this cute costume over at Kohl’s for only $29.74, and with Kohls coupons it can be even less.

 2.  Precious Peacock Costume - Target $49.99

Just look at those cute, yet totally obnoxious feathers and those cute little webbed toes. The Precious Peacock Costume is obviously a huge hit when it comes to Halloween costumes for babies. It’s nothing short of magnificent while keeping the simplicity of cuteness in mind. Who wouldn’t want their little one all ruffled on a holiday night? Get it now at Target for only $49.99 and get big savings when you use Target coupon codes.

 3.  Hulk Costume - Amazon $18.40

  Your baby is incredible for a lot of reasons. So why not make your baby the Incredible Hulk for Halloween? This adorable Hulk costume is one of our favorite baby Halloween costumes because it’s insanely funny yet unmistakably masculine for your little dude. A baby with muscles? Oh, yeah! It’s now only $18.40 on Amazon.com, and even less with Amazon coupons.

 4.  Peapod Costume - KMart $12.99

   Your adorable little pea in a pod- can now actually become a pea in a pod. It’s simply one of the cutest infant costumes on the market today and will undoubtedly get a laugh or two. You can purchase this cute Peapod Costume at KMart for $12.99, and don’t forget the KMart coupon code for extra savings.

 5.  Businessman Costume - Walgreens $29.99

A baby dressed up in a suit with hat to match- how could you possibly not find this hilarious? Babies might be best known for giggling and rolling around the house, but come this Halloween your baby will be ready for the office with this cute Businessman Costume from Walgreens. Only $29.99 and with  Walgreens coupons, even cheaper!

 6.  Flinstones Costume - EBay $10.90

Take a step back in time and enjoy the earlier days with this cute Flinstones Costume. Onlookers will enjoy the flash back to their favorite TV show and you’ll love how adorable your little one looks. Bam bam! It’s only $10.90 on EBay! Don’t forget the eBay coupons and deals for savings.

 7.  Pumpkin Costume - $14.99 Babies R Us

He or she is your little pumpkin, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than turning your baby into an adorably outfitted pumpkin. The Pumpkin Costume is undoubtedly one of the most popular baby Halloween costume ideas for obvious reasons, plus it’s only $14.99 at Babies R Us and with a Babies R Us coupon code the amount could be even lower.

 8.  Elephant Costume - Diapers.com $29.99

The long, dangly ears, the trunk, and the oversized feet- that’s what makes the Elephant Costume such a big hit for both boys and girls. You can get this lovable Elephant Costume for only $29.99 at Diapers.com and can save big when you use a Diapers.com coupon code.

 9.  Angry Birds Costume - Drugstore.com $34.99

The hit game can now be showcased by your very own baby! If you have a love for the game Angry Birds then there is no doubt you won’t get a kick out of your precious little one wearing this Angry Birds Costume, only $34.99 at Drugstore.com. Use Drugstore.com coupons for additional savings!

 10.  Strawberry Costume - Macy’s $21.99

The Strawberry Costume is the perfect, most delicious costume for a little baby girl! It’s as sweet as she is and is also sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Right now you can get this charming costume for only $21.99 at Macy’s and save big when you use a Macys coupons.


Don’t worry when it comes to finding the ideal costume for your precious jewel. On their first Halloween ever, you’ve got it covered with these Halloween costumes for babies that are sure to keep you smiling from ear to ear.

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