Last week, 100-year-old Tennessee resident Ruby Holt saw the ocean for the first time in her life after being taken to the Gulf of Mexico by a philanthropic charity and staff members from her assisted living facility. Funny or Die News has this exclusive interview with the inspiring centenarian:

Funny or Die News: 100 years without ever having seen the ocean! That’s incredible! Was it everything you thought it would be?

Ruby Holt: It was okay.

FoDN: Just okay?! Wasn’t it the most humbling, awe-inspiring moment of your life?

RH: It was windy on the beach. I didn’t care for that.

FoDN: But have you ever seen anything so big in your entire life?

RH: I saw a pretty big truck once.

FoDN: How does that even compare to THE OCEAN?! Its utter vastness has inspired countless poems, novels, paintings—it is inextricably tied to a primal, visceral part of the human soul!

RH: I don’t know. They were both big. Big truck, big ocean. So what?

FoDN: But what about the salt air, the sunshine, the sound of the waves lapping at the shore? What about the sheer, awesome power of nature?

RH: I don’t notice things like that.

FoDN: Okay…how about the feeling of being just one infinitesimally small part of a vast, unending universe? Did you experience that at all?

RH: I am average-sized, for a senior citizen. I felt like an average-sized old woman looking at the ocean.

FoDN: It’s just very difficult to believe that the enormity of the ocean didn’t have any sort of effect on you. If that’s the case, what does move you?

RH: I like the costumes game show with the black man.

FoDN: You mean Let’s Make A Deal with Wayne Brady?

RH: I don’t know. I just watch whatever. It doesn’t matter to me.

FoDN: Yes,but…okay, wasn’t seeing the ocean your lifelong dream?

RH: I just said I never saw the ocean. I didn’t ask to go there.

FoDN: Umm…

RH: I don’t really care that I’m alive. Being alive or being dead doesn’t make a difference. I’ve always felt that way.

FoDN: Wow.

RH: I lied about that big truck earlier. I never saw that. I just didn’t have anything else to stay, so I lied.

FoDN: [Silence]

RH: Sometimes I do that.