It’s really hard to title an article when the subject is something you feel very enthusiastic about, in this instance the antics of the 2-year-old daughter of Golden State Warriors point guard, Steph Curry. Curry’s been taking his daughter Riley to press conferences for a while, but during the postgame celebration of her dad’s team winning the Western Conference Finals she finally figured out exactly how many incredibly funny things she can do in just a couple hours’ time.

These are some titles that this article was almost called, before going with the current one:

  • “Riley Curry Kept Taking The Microphone Away From Her Dad To Sing Drake And Big Sean And It’s Making Me Feel CRAZY It’s Just That Cute”
  • “When She Did That Gum Thing I Felt Like ‘Aww Haha’ But When She Did The CURTAIN Thing I Smiled So Big”
  • “All These Vines Are So Me!!!”

So anyways here are some #1 A+ Sleepy Cute Riley Curry Championship Vines:

And if you like those Riley Curry Champion Vines you’ll love some of her O.G. press conference work from last week, too:

h/t Deadspin