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January 12, 2010


Woke up this morning on the West coast to find myself two hours behind the lizardladyfla's "Rhesus" caption which followed in the hand and footsteps of jam3kds gold  "Gibbon" win last week. Lizardladyfla already had five funny votes on us all and she hasn't lost her claw hold at the time of writing. Though as we can see from yesterday, it was a 5th place caption "Five Hemingway novels and two bottles of absinthe later . ." by donairs  that was chosen as the winning caption. I wonder if buttfaceandadam with "Up - Up and Jose!!!" feel robbed or not? I didn't know what absinthe was at the time and I haven't read any Hemingway so I voted for Jose. Adam pLease pass my condolences on to buttface, and congrats are in order to donair for the caustic creativity. 

Anywhoohoohoo, as an ode to the Rhesus Pieces... I thought up these cloned captions earlier today and was waiting for the right time to post them up for all to enjoy, or not...

Rhesus Factor Cloning Fun:

It being Rhesus does not give one free license to play with their food.

Rhesus Christ's peeling of a lame Banana.

Entering the dark Rhesuses of his mind was not appeeling.

Council, let's take a Rhesus.

 See you on the funny pages!