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August 17, 2008


Greetings!!  Welcome back to Boomtown, a bubbly little burg on the rivers edge, where peace and quiet is always a luxury.  In our last episode, we found Gloria being questioned by the Bad Cops, Litter Bug buzzing around town waiting for the perfect moment to take her angst out on an unsuspecting victim, and a new crime fighter hypnotizing his victims with a weapon of weighty proportions.

If you recall, Gloria was being questioned by the Bad Cops about a new crime fighter in Boomtown, until Crankee Frankee infiltrates the interrogation room.

Meanwhile, Litter Bug is watching the mayhem take place in the street below. Before she is forced to act decent, she formulates a plan to squash the citizens of Boomtown. Have you ever heard of a decent villain? Me neither!

With Boomtown's 1 enforcer of decency at the mercy of Litter Bug, Naked Man arrives and treats Litter Bug to a super sized knuckle sandwich.  Litter Bug runs back to her nest where her mother licks the little tic's wounds.

Will Naked Man and Crankee Frankee join forces? How is Gloria going to be able to keep Naked Man's identity a secret? Will Naked Man give Litter Bug a second helping? What's the story with Litter Bug and her incestuous relationship with her mother?

Stay tuned for answers to these questions and more!