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August 29, 2017

OK, this is seriously cool.

Since making landfall last Friday, Tropical Storm Harvey has caused record amounts of flooding and devastation along the southeastern part of Texas, and sadly, will not be ending soon.

While it’s hard to take silver linings from such a huge tragedy, some beautiful things just can’t be ignored: first responders and civilians risking their lives to save and evacuate thousands of people, generous businesses opening their doors to shelter victims whose homes were destroyed, and amazing social media posts helping those affected.

Meet Jon Halvorsen. He’s an accountant in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


Jon Halvorsen

While Jon may live thousands of miles from the storm, that didn’t prevent him from taking action and making this Facebook status—using the new feature to make it into a colored image—reading “#PrayForHouston.”


Simple, sweet, and from the heart.

But the coolest part is the amount of engagement this got. 128 reactions in less than a half hour? Damn!

That is seriously awesome, and all those “likes,” “loves,” and “sads” show no signs of slowing down.

Well done, Jon. Well done.

Tropical Storm Harvey may have caused some of the worst damage in our country’s history, but it has brought out the best people, and the best social media posts. While we certainly hope the storm ends soon, we hope these incredible posts keep coming!