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April 22, 2009


While most students take the time to come back for their 10-year high school reunion, in Palos Verdes, California, Andrea Wachner sent a stripper in her place and filmed the whole thing.

Cricket, the exotic dancer chosen by Wachner attended the reunion decked out in fishnets, a tight black dress and high heeled spiked boots.  After telling her classmates she had reconstructive surgery and had suffered amnesia which wasn't altogether to far from the truth.

As ABC News reported Tuesday, "It wasn't completely unbelievable, because some had already heard that the real-life Wachner was in an accident after high school -- her car was totaled and she had been injured, but she had never suffered from amnesia. Most of them had not seen or talked to Wachner since high school, but many found her new profession suspect: Cricket as Andrea said she was working as a stripper to help pay her graduate school tuition."

Some may have doubted Cricket was the real Wachner, but Wachner was stationed nearby in the hotel offering Cricket information through an ear piece.  For your viewing pleasure, Wachner filmed the whole thing for her documentary, "I Remember Andrea."

After posting small pieces on YouTube, a few of her 1995 classmaters were unamused. (Even though we all are clearly amused by this)