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Published August 09, 2011 More Info »

Hunter S. Thompson aka Gonzo

Jeffery Lebowski aka The Dude

Don Woganowski aka Wogi

Jack Burton driving the Pork Chop Express

Egon Spengler (the gostbusters godfather)

Ace Ventura aka Tom Ace

Willie Beaman aka "steamin" Will Beman

Michael Emerson (your one of us now Michael)

Shane Falco (old # 16)

O.J  Nordberg aka Norbert

B.J Cummings (blow me)

Rocky Balboa aka (it was so cool they can't stop making them damn movies.)

Harold Lee  (if your stone right now turn on the t.v)

Kumar Patel  (because Harold and Kumar part1 is on TBS part 2 is on Comedy central and part 3 is on HBO right now dude!)

Tony Montana (All he had in this world is his word! & his balls!)

Randy "the ram" Robinson ( He says Kurt Cobain was a pussy little cry baby bitch.)

Squeak Scolari aka Little Bitch

Roy Munson (O sh*t i just musoned this whole thing.)

side bar "There needs to be a new Hunter S. Thompson movie with Joaquin Phoenix as Lazo and Todd Barry in it as Hunter." (if you can't get Jonny Depp or Bill Murray back to play him) An a Big Lebowski 2 would be nice!