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December 10, 2013

​Once, we are ready with the Christmas decoration of our homes, it is time to think about the presents for our friends and family. Well, let's leave the family aside and think about the friends. Why, you may ask. Because the friends are the people to whom we are allowed to present some of the funniest and weirdest gifts. And the coming ideas for Christmas presents are definitely not appropriate for your parents for example.

Mirror Stickers for Car


These are not usual stickers but ones with smiled winking faces on them.Thus when the driver in front of you looks in their rear-view mirror, they will see very funny thing. Such a gift is very cheap and affordable. It can be found in amazon for not more than 2 pounds.

Toothbrush Gun

toothbrush gun

Another affordable funny present and again it can be found on Amazon. Imagine the faces of your friends when they see a gun with a brush in the end. 

Personalized Bottle of Vodka


This gift is not suitable for everyone. Although it would be funny to present it to someone who doesn't drink at all. It is very surprising to see your name on a bottle of vodka and a funny or nice message below. If you think anyone of your friends would be glad to receive such a gift for Christmas, you can order it from Prezzy Box where it costs about 30 pounds. Or you can search the web for more cheap rates.

Bubble Wrap Costume

Bubble Wrap Costume

Funny and useless. Why would someone like to wear such a costume, I just don't know. But the fact is that it is hilarious to see a person wearing bubble warp costume and there are people who would be very happy to receive one. If you don't know what else to choose, this is the present.

Dancing Cat Speaker

Dancing cat speaker

This is an accessory for your phone or tablet. It is funny to look at speaking cat and much funnier to watch it dancing. You can surprise the person who will receive the gift, if you hide the original box and skip telling them that the cat can dance. I'm thinking about buying such a present.

There are many more weird and funny gift ideas, but let's not reveal all of them. Me, I would be more than happy, if I see my home refurbished by professionals, when I get there after work. Do you know the saying: everybody wants what they don't have. Enjoy the coming Christmas holiday.