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April 14, 2008


I'm not quite sure if even anyone is reading that blog, but I will keep writing and writing and writing, We Germans never surrender. Actually I wanted to upload another piece of art by today, but I am actually suffering from a middle ear infection (when I looked that up in the dictionary I expected a totally unpronouncable medical English name, but that's easy. anyone who is interested in the German word: Mittelohrentzündung). So I am still coping with the 2 die votes on Questions on Germany. I apologize. I thought it was funny. Well there's one thing in progress, already written and partly recorded and I guess you'll like it. It is the first video that's totally unrelated to Germany. By the way. I am making Music, too. My Band's name is "Schlagzeile" which means "Headline". I'm playing the Keyboard. Check out www.myspace.com/schlagzeileband and www.youtube.com/schlagzeileband . Thx. So much for now. Another poem 'bout my body constitution:


Tomorrow I’ll start I’m ready to go

I’ll be starting my diet too long I said “no”

Neither chocolate, nor sugar, neither wine, nor beer,

Neither chicken, nor pork, neither rabbit, nor deer

Well next week there’s Christmas, so I’ll shift that day,

And then New Years Eve, maybe a bit more far away

And then my next birthday is just a few weeks to go,

So I’ll start taking off, in late March or so.

Oh yes, there’s Easter and so much to eat,

‘Cause my mother’s cooking that wonderful meat

And in summer I’ll be on vacation of course

And then my hard diet will be having a pause

I think autumn is right, right after Thanksgiving,

I will be starting a healthier living,

Just a few weeks and I will be a much slimmer man

For maybe a month, then it’s Christmas again.