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February 24, 2010


Why do some people insist on saddling their newborns with unfortunate names? I got enough of a chuckle when someone I disliked named their daughter "Malea", which makes me think "Malaria", and which actually means "sea of bitterness"...maybe look up what a name means before signing the birth certificate?? I might take the name myself LOL But, choosing it and having it thrust upon you with all these expectations nobody deserves... Now, the latest, and this woman is a friend of mine...it's really bad. This woman is a bit older than me, has three kids the youngest of which is 12, and she got pregnant by her boyfriend who just happens to have a young baby with another woman. It's already a situation frought with adolescent drama and lots of "oh no she didn't" and one day she's writing about this great love and the next she's crying the blues...icky poo. Well...she's decided she wants to call the baby "Tessa Pearl Nevaeh Tnes Hart". Anyone not prone to solving anagrams would miss that "Nevaeh Tnes" is simply "Heaven Sent" spelled backwards. Yah. I read it and I'm like "Seriously?", but I can't really say anything because four people got there before me and are cooing over the names, revelling in the "Heaven Sent"...so if I go and write "Try Again", I'll be the uber bitch who needs to keep it to herself. Um..it's a baby. Can you just give it a nice name? Now, I have complained about the "Kay" factor, but the difference is that, except for blogging about it here, I have kept my critism to myself. I do feel compelled to speak up for the baby though. The "Tessa Pearl" is fine, I suppose, but leave out the "Navaeh Tnes Hart" please. I actually don't mind "Navaeh Pearl" (I'm making the best of it folks) Is it really bad that I read that and shake my head??