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August 11, 2015

Diesel refuses to let go of his box, despite numerous obstacles.

Meet Diesel. Diesel is a dog. Perhaps more than anything on Earth, Diesel loves boxes. He loves boxes the way an alcoholic loves a night cap. And like an alcoholic, Diesel can’t see that he has a problem, nor how easy it would be to end the nightmare. Why? Well, because there’s a giant box in front of his face.

Instead, the only thing you can really do is sit back and watch it all unfold. And boy does it unfold. In this 3:15 video, uploaded by owner Isabel Santos, Diesel never let’s go of the box once. Despite genuine concerns from his owners and an almost non-stop onslaught of obstacles in his way, Diesel pursues. Honestly, he’s kind of a badass, a very dumb badass.

And while we thought we’d try counting exactly how many times Diesel ran headfirst into an object, we quickly ran out of fingers and instead grabbed the closest box lid we could find and started working on something we’re tentatively calling “The Diesel Game.”