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October 24, 2017

Halloween and ComicCon on the surface seem the same but here are some key differences1

ComicCon and Halloween: on the surface they seem pretty similar. People dress up like superheroes and take photos. But here are some key differences:

  • Giving candy to strange children will get you kicked out at ComicCon
  • I’m not in violation of my parole by participating in ComicCon
  • Ryan Reynolds doesn’t try to get me excited about his next dumb piece of shit on Halloween
  • The guy who played Q on Star Trek: TNG isn’t a god on Halloween
  • On Halloween, Donald Glover can be Spider-man
  • On Halloween I’m a 4, but at ComicCon I’m a 10
  • You’re dad is not embarrassed to tell his buddies his kid is trick or treating
  • When I wait twelve hours to see the Stranger Things kids on Halloween, I get arrested
  • Halloween makes you contemplate your own death, ComicCon makes you contemplate how many Marvel movies will get made by then
  • One started religious and became secularized, one started secularized and became religious.
  • $63/day