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May 04, 2008


Hi everybody! I wanted to give you a Retributioners update!

We just got featured in a brand new online magazine called "Funny Not Slutty." It features comedy for women created by female producers, writers, humorists, and comedians.

We are on the front page of the first edition!

It looks like it will be great place to discover female comedic talent all over the U.S. They have a forum, announcements, etc. It's BRAND NEW, so not much content on their yet. However, I am imagine it will be very popular.

Here is the link:

http://www. funnynotslutty. com/

Also, we are in the process of creating Episode 5. It's taken us a bit longer than we thought, because we're having issues with scheduling and locations.

We hope to have it up VERY shortly!

Feel free to drop me a line! - steph