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March 27, 2009


The Pixar of PG&R?

"I'm a huge Pixar fan." says Ken Mora, Bella Fe Film's Producer/Director. "They've begun the new Golden Age of animation and inspired others like myself to follow. However, I don't see the market for mature-targeted animation being addressed at all." That audience currently supports the Scary Movie franchise, Meet The Spartans, and Epic Movie. "I aim to bring animation excellence to the PG to R rated market - and blow their socks off."

Bella Fe Films, Ken's company, employs a strategy starting with the Webisode One debut of Magnum Farce, a CG animated spoof of Dirty Harry films, streaming at Funny Or Die, adapted from Ken's competition-winning script featuring Magnum-Wielding Detective, Dick Hardon.

Buzz for the project started with MySpace Video and YouTube trailers which stream to great acclaim. In addition to expanding the webisodes for film fests, Ken is also acquiring and developing a solid pipeline of parodies; first Carnal Affliction by writer Charles Schlotter, a send-up of the thriller Basic Instinct, then Ken's own Cocky a Rocky parody as well as a 007 spoof entitled Wind-Breaker starring James Balls.

Between webisodes and the expanded Magnum Farce for film fests, Beatnik TV, an Online Channel will be streaming the all-in-one web short on May 6th. Beatnik TV airs some of the biggest buzz Short and Animated films on the web. Says founder, Gaz Duncan "We showcase talented filmmakers of new media; we're a place for people to view innovative film on a TV channel format." Beatnik TV started in 2008 and has attracted the attention of filmmakers across the globe. "We're excited to screen Magnum Farce which came to our attention with updates on their MySpace blog."

"I don't expect feature funding to happen overnight, but I'm prepared by already being well into preproduction." says Ken, who is putting the final touches on the business plan that will open to investors in June while aggressively seeking studio funding.