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February 13, 2016

Woman Finally Reveals To Dog Who The Good Boy Is

Woman Finally Reveals To Dog Who The Good Boy Is

MILFORD, DE ― After years of relentless questioning, Margaret Stone unveils to her Border Collie that he is in fact the good boy. A tenant in Margaret’s building who wishes to remain anonymous reports that for years she has witnessed the dog tortured with the inquiry on an almost daily basis. “She gets home from work and that is usually the first thing she’ll ask that poor pup. It was getting to the point where even I was wondering who the good boy was. And why did she want to know? What did she need a good boy so badly for? For love? Sorcery perhaps; the missing ingredient in some sort of voodoo potion? It was all very strange but I didn’t want to pry. You can imagine my amazement when I overheard her tell the dog that he’s a good boy! Why all the theatrics then? It just doesn’t make any sense.” The startling revelation fell flat on the ears of Skippy who is a dog and therefore has no real grasp of the human language.