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Written by Andrew Rizzi.

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April 12, 2012

New York - Late Friday afternoon the NHL announced at a non-televised press conference in New York City that a new rule will be implemented immediately that will allow players to run the goalie after whistles with no consequences. “NHL 12 allows for players to run the goalies after whistles. This is the first time in the history of the video game that you have been able to do so. We wanted to make the real game just as accurate as the video game. It’s the right move,” said Bettman in a press release. All 30 teams were not told that there would be any rule changes prior to the announcement today and some players have sounded off. “This can’t be happening, I just got here!” said Marty Turco of the Boston Bruins who recently re-joined the NHL after playing in Austria for most of this year. Other players like Alex Burrows of the Vancouver Canucks embraced the idea saying, “I enjoy injury to player all my life, now I enjoy injury to goalie too.” Bettman also stated that they are looking into rewarding players for running the goalie somewhere down the road saying, “Look, in order to make sure that all of our players continue to enjoy the game of hockey and are not bored or unhappy, we might put a little cherry on top or something, you know? Like a bonus or something like that. It remains a work in progress. I love hockey.” You can catch the six games being played with the new rule in place tonight starting at 7pm est.