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March 08, 2009


www.RegiftOnline.com  is an all new social networking site just for regifters. The site offers a neutral place for fellow regifters to regift without worry of being caught by their gift givers.You can exchange unwanted gifts and gift cards, participate in regifting disscussions and get all of the latest holiday gift giving ideas and sale tips. If that isnt enough to entise you to join, they have just added a shopping portal to all of your favorite retailers and shops, and have announced their “Cash back stimulus program”. The site is going to get a commission for every purchase made through the portal, and their plan is to give 50% of that commission back to one faithful community member each month. Instead of everyone getting $1 or $2 back for each purchase, one dedicated community member will be awarded half of the sites commission each month. Payments will be made via paypal or mailed via check on the 1rst of each month. You can be considered for the cash back stimulus program by following these 3 easy steps-1.Join RegiftOnline.com’s regifting community. 2.Shop through their shopping portal. 3.Message the site through their network to have your purchase verified and profile name put on their faithful member list. The more people you encourage to join and shop the bigger the cash back stimulus will be each month. So join, shop, tell your friends and get in line for your stimulus check today!!