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Published November 15, 2012

Iceland is looking to change its misleading name. Seriously. Pick up a Reykjavik Herald-Tribune once in a while. Here are the finalists: 

• Bjorklahoma
• Eikheijijikejhejiekilejkievijkiejikyievijkeivyikeiyvijeivekyejv-Kejiek
• Vanilla Iceland
• Norway's Canada
• Kejiek-Eikheijijikejhejiekilejkievijkiejikyievijkeivyikeiyvijeivekyejv
• Bjorkistan
• Not Greenland
• Little Greenland
• More Greenland
• Possibly Greenland
• Okay, It's Greenland
• [Name pronounceable only by Skåal, the mighty protector of Iceland]
• Bjonerland, pronounced “Bonerland,” because in Icelandic "bjoner," pronounced "boner" means "beautiful and free"
• United Bjork Emirates
• Something involving Sveinn Bjornsson, obviously
• "Iceland"
• Iceland!
• Jeremy
• New Bjorkington
• The United State of Cold Aryan California
• Belgium
• The Place That Had the Volcano With the Funny Name, Right?
• Colonial Bjorktown
• Diacritical Marks Land
• Bjorkwalk Empire
• Gunnerstahl
• The Ancestral Homeland of Phil Donohue, Probably
• Iceland
• Frozen Water Land
• Remember When Bjork Wore That Swan Dress?
• North Puerto Rico
• Sigurroseburg
• Nithorrablot, which means “all the world knows about Iceland is Bjork, and maybe Sigur Ros”



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