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September 14, 2011

Hell does exist.

Microsoft brings video games in to the future with KINECT for the Xbox 360
.   The new KINECT sensor means no controller required!.  This game revolution works on groundbreaking body recognition technology letting you dive in to an immersive game play experience like never before.

I know you must have questions.

Dan, how does the KINECT sensor work?

Dan, how much does KINECT cost?

Dan, what is Hell like?

There is no God.  There is no Devil.  There is no afterlife and there is no Heaven.  But as certain as I am that this cock sized line of cocaine and Vicodin isn’t going to snort itself, I am certain that there is a Hell.

Hell does exist and while it may not be a place you go to in the afterlife, it IS a place you go when you die.   The thing is your heart doesn’t have to stop beating for you to be dead.

You can walk and talk and smile and nod.  Walk your dog and chat with your mailman.  That doesn’t mean you’re not dead. That doesn’t mean that on the inside you’re not as lifeless and full of toxic rot as any other body decomposing in an airtight box under overly manicured earth.  

Hell is having 20/20 vision but the only thing you are able to see with any focus is your failures.  

Hell is looking into the mirror and being surprised by the man staring back at you, not because you’re shocked at how gaunt and weathered your face has become, but at how far it still has to go to catch up with what’s inside your shit barnacled, idiot heart.  

Hell is the sound of your impotent rage being swallowed by your cowardice.

Hell is knowing the flaws and weakness you abhor is the only thing you recognize about yourself anymore.

Hell is your regret.  

Hell is your shame.

Hell is what you’ve earned with your life wasted and Hell is what you deserve.

I’ll see you in the fucking ground.

- Dan Dringle