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March 11, 2012

Having survived and thrived in the competitive media industry

Having survived and thrived in the competitive media industry, Alexandra Penney and Howard Kaminsky are now revealing their strategies for success. Magic Words at Work captures lessions learned in the trenches and coins perfect turns of phrase for every office situation, including:

  • Raising Your Voice Can Work Better Than Raising Your Hand: Don't spend your life asking for permission and waiting to be called on

  • The Red Light Is On: Learn the secret to working without interruption

  • Make Like a Prairie Dog: When management is in flux, stay low to the ground

  • I'm Going to Lead Between the Lines: Find a solution, then make it fit the rules

  • Low Overhead Equals High Independence: Living debt-free keeps your options wide open

With a memorable mixture of chutzpah and charm, Kaminsky and Penney deliver the bottom line on rising to the top.