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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
if your reading this am dead.

So there is this chick that i like who hangs out with me and my friends from time to time. She is a lot like myself. Broke no car no job in her 20s and still live with her parents from the same shitty area  and a bunch of other sh*t that i like about her. So in my mind this is my kind of lady you see. An yes i have told her the fact of me liking her and try to get my friends to hook us up together But she is back and forth with some other dude i don't know and even if we could get together we would have to have a wing person around at all time being that we both have jack sh*t to get around in or on with. So that  is a big old strike and a half right there, (that and i look as i do) doesn't seem to help anything out at all for me. So it's like way do i even try with this chick at all being that if somthing was going happened with us it would have  done been on by now is the  kind feeling am starting to feel about the whole thing. When i sould be out getting with cougars so i can put a little cash in my pocket and get a little action to go. But am not that kind of guy at all what so ever. Am just a man looking for his soulmate to be with for ever and always. An i really do think i have found her but the sad part is she doesn't think the same way about me and that the springer show will not let me on the show so i can ask for her hand in marriage with ring that i will have to steal from the pound shop. So Yep Things are f*cked all over the place an we all know it. So thats why i say why in the blue hell do i even f*cking try anymore at anything what  so F*CKiN EVER GOD D*MN iT!  Well PEACE iT! 




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