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Published May 11, 2009
This next high school poem was written the day after my previous stroke of genius. Mara and I were still in a fight. She didn’t wave to me like she normally would whenever I would pass her locker in between first and second period. Even though she was busy making out with a guy who ended up calling in bomb scares sophomore year, she still managed to give me the finger as I walked by.It depressed me that she hated me. I didn't mean to spill a bottle of Fruitopia on her Kate Spade bag on Monday! I prayed that I could get leukemia so she could feel bad for getting mad at me. I was still in the tragic age-bracket for that disease! However, I had no such luck. My only strength would be my literary prowess.This is entitled "I Should Have Cried" written on January 12th, 2000.I should've cried when you said we were best friends,When you invited me over,When you sent letters to me for no reason.I should've cried when you were worried about me,When you said you cared,When you were there.I am crying now, though.Because now I have nothing.Who knew that in those innocent years it was all gone?I have a soul of emptiness.I should've cried when I took advantage of all those tranquil and delightful moments.But now, I cry for the lack of,I now cry for something I once had.Something I once touched.I cry because it's not in my reach anymore.