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May 31, 2012

my trip to watch the Cavs get their pick in the draft in a venue that still charges a $5 cover to get in.



    Last night was the NBA Draft Lottery which will determine what order teams go in to pick the draft, I attended due to invitation and curiousity reasons, at least that's what I told myself as I showered the spilled Miller Lite and body glitter off me when I arrived home afterwards. 

   One thing about Cleveland I'll miss: the die-hard sports fans. It doesn't matter how many times we lose, be defeated, miss the ball, miss the run, trade good players, or just simply keep losing, we show up with domestic beers in our hands and cheer and boo at the tv screen until actual formal words can no longer be formed from our mouths and we are reduced to slurring moans and belching up chicken wing sauce....We deserve a championship. 

  28 days left...