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December 03, 2009


I got into RUSH since I heard 2112. Now let me get one thing straight from the get-go. I did not hear RUSH's 2112 in 1976. I already heard Spirit Of The Radio, Freewill,Tom Sawyer,Limelight and maybe New World Man on the radio. I wasn't really hooked on Rush until I heard 2112 on tape in 83. I wore down my copies of Permament Waves and Moving Pictures tapes and CDs. I recently had to sell my A Farewell to Kings cause I needed the money and I was homeless. Hopefully I'll find it on sale and get it for Christmas. I found a copy of Signals in a small store. I was critically of Hold Your Fire. But now since I have gotten older I got more tolerance of Rush's changes and experiments with different sounds. I recently been playing RUSH's Snakes and Arrows a lot. Now I'm jamming to Joy Division and I'm trying not to slip into my traditional holiday depression. Just the RUSH cd intrigues me more without any risk of depression. When I first tripped on acid I was listening to Rush's Permament Waves.
Until this asshole college brat turned off RUSH and played WEEN's Pure Guava? Don't get me wrong. Ween does some great and trippy music. But it pales in comparsion to classic RUSH to these ears. Anyway I didn't like that smug muthafucker at all. I jumped a fence and began my sojourn in the Garden district at late night.DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF! I'm the Lunatic of God's Creation. I had RUSH tunes playing backwards inside my head. I saw a sign that said Church Of Jesus 2 blocks down. If I saw Jesus in the Church; he would say Dude, you're all fucked up! Earlier that same night I had a discussion with a snake how God set him up in the Garden Of Eden. God gave us freewill. And politicians and organized religions trys to take it away. Freewill is also a song on RUSH's Permament Waves. Back in my teens when my friend Smokey got out of jail for parking someone else car on top of a cement post. TO BE CONTINUED ...