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Published March 15, 2011
Life of Captain Bill(2) on the NASA Mars No-Return Mission1 - I cant wait until we get to mars so we can plant these fucking seedsI'm so god damn sick of space ice cream2 - (Bill) - Shut up and eat your chicken pot pie1 - Its actually not that bad, you know3 - You say that every day.  I just wish we had some flavor for our drinks1 - Never again Bill, never again.3 - I fucking dream about juicy juice every night man.  And wine. cause theres way too much flavor in wine.1 - Why did people even drink alcohol?2 - Apparently not everyones happy on earth, so they drink.1 - No I think that we developed more active cognitive processes in an alcohol drinking society and when we're not drinking we feel that as anxiety.  People drink to relieve natural anxiety.3 - You think they do other drugs to relieve the same anxiety too?1 - Yep.  But definately because everybody drank for thousands of years......2 - Is that a joint?1 - NO2 - THERES ONLY SO MUCH OXYGEN HERE FUCKFACE  how did you even sneak that on1 - its not like theres a security check Bill3 - yea I brought some tic tacs Bill2 - OH MY GOD I DIDNT SNEAK ANYTHING ON.  And that's what you wanted to bring?3 - well they ran out 4 months ago, I'm just saying2- Ok but I would have at least brought something to play with3 - I used to open and close the container but that fell off two months ago2 - Get me off of this thing.1 - We're floating in space, BillAnd then they get out of the simulator and go to lunch