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January 16, 2018

About the role and the fate of women in Hollywood

Female Roles in Hollywood


Since the beginning of Hollywood cinema, role of a woman in it is extremely vital; however, has many unfair inequalities with man. It is certainly the fact that cinema as any part of art reflects the modern world, its norms, stereotypes, and prejudices. To compare different periods of time, it is possible to view the changes according to a role of woman. Consequently, it is possible to conclude that roles that women play reflect the attitude towards women in the society.
After a widespread growth of emancipation and feminism movement, women became more independent and proved that they can be involved in any activity and achieve success in every field on the same or higher level with men. About this have been written a lot of research papers and a lot of different book.From that time, women started to occupy such activities that used to be for men, and many of them succeed in these activities. The Hollywood cinema production started flourish since 20-60 years. During that time, the main roles played by women referred to their expression of attractiveness and sexuality (Bender 588-590). From the ancient time of Hollywood cinema, women very rare referred to power and force, even in the roles of queen they had characters of weak and passive heroines who wait for salvation of strong man. However, that time feminists started their battle for their roles in society. Appeared such term as La garson (garson in French translated as a boy, and la means female gender), which defined independent, strong, and intellectual woman. Women during the gold age of Hollywood were elegant and gorgeous, very female, however strong and powerful. Their image was more referred to mature women rather that young. During the fashion on film noir women were mysterious, sexy, and insidious, appeared term of Femme fatale (Movshovitz).. However, it is possible to see that the main feature of a woman was attractiveness. Especially, in 60s women sometimes played a role of just an addiction of a strong man, and referred only just pretty and naive girls (Hallett).
Today, despite the society claims that women became free and independent the modern cinema shows that women still can be threatened unequally with men. In the modern cinema, women started to play in actions, but still their main characteristic is attractiveness . According to the research of University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, women play not more than about 30% of speaking roles in Hollywood movies to compare with men, and they more to shoe their skin than speak in the movies. In addition, the research shows that in recent years 31.6% of women were sexualized, and 56,6% of teenage girls were sexualized more to compare with past five years. In addition, the main problem in this tendency is that according to modern Hollywood movies the main requirement for a woman is to be sexy. And it is even not impose of beauty as it was in the past years, but it is more impose of vulgar behavior. Beautiful means smart, well-mannered, and kind while sexy refers to by physically attractive. However, there is also a tendency of popularization of such images as main heroine in Hunger Games or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, where main heroines showed their force and intellectual without making accents on their appearance (De Lacey ).
In conclusion, since the gold age of Hollywood until today, women play significant part in the cinema production. With a development of emancipation movement women started to occupy many of male activities, also in cinema industry. Since that time women’s role in Hollywood changed from elegant and gorgeous Femme fatale to strong and powerful action heroines. However, there is still a tendency of discrimination, where women play less of intellectual roles to compare with male actors.
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