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October 09, 2012

Nicolas Cage debuts in the tv show The Best of Times (1981)


Nic Cage Debut: Best of Times


To celebrate the Countdown to a 100 blogs, The Hollywood Defender is writing 10 Nic Cage blogs in a row, this is number 4. Today, we break down Nic's first appearance in movies or television in the 1981 show Best of Times. Note that maybe things haven't changed all that much from his first appearance to now. Obviously, it will be more fun if you guess what he's doing in the show, so I've listed crucial Cage moments in multiple choice format for extra fun. 

Nicolas Cage is introduced to the American viewing public in which of the following ways in Best of Times: 
A.     Smoking Cigarettes
B.     Doing one-armed push-ups shirtless
C.     Getting a haircut
D.    Giving a nerd a swirly
Answer: B. Cage does one armed push-ups shirtless and then switches to the other arm.
In Cage’s first monologue he discusses which of the following films: 
A.     Godfather
B.     Alien
C.     Annie Hall
D.    Rocky
Answer: D. Nicolas Cage’s first monologue is shirtless in cutoff jean shorts that ride too high.  If they rode any higher, Nic’s nuts would have also made their debut appearance in Best of Times. Cage reinacts the scene where Rocky spars with a slab of meat.
“Remember Rocky? Boy! Whata Movie! The best scene was when Stallone kept hitting that side of beef. Remember that? He kept hitting that side of beef. Just smashing with his fists and it was all raw. Hit! Smash! Hit! Make it all bloody! He sure did a job on that beef. “
The perfect intro for Nic, to be completely honest. Talking about other movies and doing karate as he delivers his monologue. He’s so hyped up and ready to rock the world, you can just see the energy that pulsates out of him already, he doesn’t hold anything back and he never has.
Nic’s instructions for picking up women includes which of the following: 
A.     It's based on how you walk
B.     The voice
C.     Your smile
D.    Don’t be happy, people think you’re stupid
Answer: A, B, D, 
The scene is quite funny, despite how dated it is. I'm hoping Cage plays an aging ladies' man at some point because to watch him re-enact these mantras would be hilarious. 
What Nic thinks when he is talking to women because “Women pick up on mental vibrations”:
A.     I can see down your shirt, but you won’t catch me looking
B.     I am the most beautiful man, you have ever seen, my magnificient biceps drive you wild with desire
C.     My pectorals are molded by Zeus’ hands
D.    You can’t have me, but I can have you
Answer: B
In the grocery store Nic participates in which of the following with his buds:
A.     Musical Number with groceries as instruments
B.     Shoplifting
C.     Pinball
D.    Extensive video game playing
Answer A: Nic plays a comb, a bag of hostess, and a can of Pringles.
Nic sings the following song_______, wearing ______________, working at a ___________________:
A.     9 to 5, Overalls, car wash
B.     I will Survive, corduroys, shoe store
C.     Dancing in the Streets, a cowboy hat, pharmacy
D.    Mrs. Robinson, a trucker hat, ice cream store
Answer: A. By the way he isn’t wearing a shirt under his overalls, he had all the makings of a Matthew Mcconaughey. Oh, and he has a red bandana around his neck as he sings into a gas pump. He also screams at a car after he crashes it during the middle of the song. He’s a genius.
Nic races which of the following:
A.     Bikes
B.     Cars
C.     Go-carts
D.    Skateboards
E.     Roller skates
Answer: Go-carts, actually Nic is the only one that doesn’t wear rollerskates in the musical number.
Nic worries about being drafted for which potential war:
A.     Nam
B.     Korea
C.     El Salvador
D.    Cuba
Answer: C. El Salvador, which he reveals in his first monologue directed at the audience. He would prefer the war be in some place nice like the French Riviera or Bermuda, but chicks dig war so “it has its good points.” Then again “war would kind of spoil things, you know what I mean?” Nic eventually lies he’s going to war to seduce a woman, Oh Nic! Then he throws off his coat and break dances, this guy had talent oozing from his pores as a kid. He nails the comedy and the serious speech about war. He destroys any other actor he’s on screen with in this show, it’s no wonder he made it.