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August 22, 2008


Now we respect everybody and mind our own bussniess on the issues that sometimes goes on in FOD but from what I am seeing and hearing I'm not gonna leave it alone.

I don't know what happend or how it happend and I don't wanna know cause it is none of our busniess and it's between them but ((Warpedcorp)) and ((Rickyshoresingstheblues)) are beefing?! with each other. That's something I don't want to happen. some may know about what's going on with them and some don't.

But all we can say is please stop the issue and beef cause we don't want this to happen we love both of yall videos and respect both of yall and we hope yall respect each other cause to us that's what Funny or Die members is all about maken funny videos, maken new friends, being cool to each other and more positive stuff :-( I'm not trying to be a piece maker i just don't want shit like this to go down at all.

Trust we wouldn't wanna write a blog about this if we didn't care. I hope yall get along soon and hope that everything is gonna be ok cause we would not want yall to do video dissing each other again.