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April 21, 2010


Hello....with summer almost here and the blockbuster movies ready to take our money, I would like to draw your attention to a little movie that won't get much hype but may be buzz worthy come Oscar time.


The stalks are high in this "Tour de Crop" adventure of daily life in an Amish family.  We follow the lives of Amos and Rebecca Stoltzfus as they combat the hassles of life without electricity, crop rotation and seeking revenge against all tourists for constantly taking their photograph.

Amos, played by up and coming Norwegian actor Harrison Fjord, leads a strong cast.  Rebecca is played by Haley Blueberry. The supporting cast includes Robin Hood Williams, Simon Cow, Jerry Seinfield, and Jennifer Anistoned as the milk inspector.

Highlights of the movie include working 18 hour days, milking the cows, making shoo fly pies from scratch and collecting shit because it makes for good fertilizer.

Some early reviews are in: "I was asleep within ten minutes of the start"....."not enough full frontal corn husking"....."the nude scene with the sheep was disgusting but I couldn't look away".....and "those amish sure know how to work a horse!"

This film is rated "R" for gratuitous sheep sex, foot nudity, urinating off a tractor and a barn raising where sweat is involved.

So, remember, you heard it here.  If there's only one movie you see this summer, see "IRONMAN 2"

Next time, I'll review the 14th movie in the "Die Hard" series...."DIE FLACCID"