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October 06, 2008



I took a week off here because all the movies I watched were not even worth mentioning.

I did watch a few in the past week that I really liked and one that totally shit the bed. 


1) Iron Man

Im sure Im the last person on the face of the earth to see this one, But I watched it on Friday night.  LOVED IT!  Im totally not a Super hero movie fan but was blown away by this movie.  Robert D was so funny in this movie that I had salty little rain drops dripping down my face the whole movie.  Special effects, amazing. Soundtrack, amazing.  Action sceens, amazing.  Gwen looked, Amazing. Im telling you, this is probably the best movie I have watched all year.  Nothing bad to say about it. (and I love to hate movies)

Rating - 9.5/10 (cant give it a 10 unless its Lord of the Rings or Pee Wee's Big Adventure)

2) Forgetting Sarah Marshall

FUNNY! Its about a dude that gets dumped by his hot girlfriend and then goes on a trip to forget her.  WELL, she happens to be at the same resort with her new very EURO boyfriend.  The whole trip is him bumping into them and trying to pretend that he does not care.  Its actually very funny.  2 problems with this flilck. 1... Every time I looked at the main dude, I felt like I was looking in a fucking mirror.  It was bugging me to all ends. He looks like me with 50 extra lbs!! Problem 2... TOO MUCH COCK IN THE MOVIE!!!  Good God man, the first time we saw his slab we were shocked, times 5, 6, and 7 ... not so much. Less pole, more hole! (woman hole).

Rating 8 on 10 (you will laugh at this movie)

3) Pathology

This is one of those movies that  we all get tricked by when go to rent.  OHHHH it must be good, there are at least 100 copies on the wall. Save your $6 on this one... please. Its a gory medical thriller with terrible acting.  A group of MDs working as pathologists decide that it would be cool to begin a game of killy killy.  They kill randoms and then try to figure out how each other does it.  Blahh Blahh Blahh. Alyssa Milano is in the movie but does not get Naked.  :-( When your going to pick up your movie this week, leave this piece of crap on the shelf. I would honestly rather watch my 87 year old Grandmother eat a fruit on the bottom yogurt (OMG a little puke just came up) then sit through this disaster again.

Rating 3 on 10 (cause Alyssa is still the hottest)

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