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March 21, 2016

Watch as these already great clips are made even better through the power of music.

Is there anything greater on the internet than funny, viral clips? Be they six-second Vines or minute-long YouTube vids, there’s just nothing better than a watching a hilarious thing on your screen and then laughing about it for as long as possible. Or so we thought.

Turns out, if you take those hilarious clips and remix them with just a dash of the magic that only a great pop song can provide, you are almost guaranteed to create an even better, shorter, and more viral-y clip. Crazy, right? How could that even be possible. Well, it is. It’s possible as fuck.

You can check out some examples below right now, otherwise you’ll have to wait until the album Now That’s What I Call Viral Vids 28 drops sometime this fall.

Lmaoo wtf clip of the d a yCLIPS #tagafriend

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