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October 13, 2015

Some people aren't wearing bras to support the fight against breast cancer. That's great. Here are other ways to show your support.

It’s free-hangin’ titty day according to the internet, and this time it’s for a good cause. That’s right. Playboy taketh away the nipples and scores of women provideth. Kind of. People with boobies who usually wear bras are burning those bras or just keeping them in the bra chamber today for #NoBraDay.

The committee that makes days up decided that Oct 13 is #NoBraDay in order to raise awareness for breast cancer. October is officially breast-cancer awareness month, but so far the jury is out on whether #NoBraDay is real or a prank; in either case, you can donate to breast cancer research here.

So, #NoBraDay is dope and all but considering most ladies celebrate #NoBraDay every evening when they get home from work or any given Sunday, there are probably better ways to raise awareness. These other ways might also catch more attention because, let’s face it, there are a lot of us for whom not wearing a bra would go 100% unnoticed. Check out the nine alternatives to #NoBraDay that we’re proposing:

  • Wear four bras on top of one another!
  • Don’t wear a bra on ya titties, wear it on ya head!
  • Hook your bra onto a fellow friend’s bra to unite. Then hook onto more friends until you form a 200+ long bra chain of friends.
  • Wear your bra as knee pads and go roller blading.
  • Copy Regina George’s look and cut holes in your shirt to show off your nice bra.
  • Let a small creature nest in your bra. This might make you feel maternal.
  • Pull a that-lady-from-that-episode-of-Seinfeld-who-wears-a-bra-over-her-clothes and wear a bra over your clothes.
  • Don’t ever wear a bra? Then pull a Quailman and wear your undies over your pants.
  • Donate your bra to the Playboy models in the print magazine who need them now.