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Published February 27, 2014 More Info ยป
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Published February 27, 2014
We recently learned that Sony is planning on releasing a Spiderman movie every single year, starting this year with the Amazing Spiderman 2. We got our hands on the loglines for the next 10 years worth of Spiderman films: 2015: Spiderman: Laundry Day Spiderman finds it impossible to maintain his secret identity when his costume is in the wash. The green goblin kidnaps Mary Jane, who is the only one with the knowledge of where the fabric softener is. 2016: Spidey in Space 3D Spiderman fashions an unbreakable 300000 miles long spider web to rescue an astronaut currently lost in space. Meanwhile, Gwen Stacy waits by the phone for a call, but only hears dog howling for some reason. 2017: Spiderman Vs. The Calendar Spiderman tries to track down a super villain with a plan in time for a new movie release. Kangaroo is the only villain available in such short notice. Meanwhile, Aunt May also battles the calendar, when her period is late. 2018: Spiderman of Steel A weird but necessary lab experiment leaves Spiderman injected with Kryptonite. He lloks to Superman for guidance. Also Batman is in it. And Wonder Woman. And the Kangaroo got in somehow. 2019: True Spider Multiple timelines trace Peter Parker and Harry Osborn's hunt for the man who killed uncle Ben, across 17 years. They develop a close brotherly friendship, and vow to star together in many other movies. Mary Jane gets naked. 2020: Spiderman Origins A re-re telling of Spiderman's origin story. This time, Peter Parker is a high school quarterback who dabbles in underwear modeling. He is bitten by a radioactive spider, and starts dating Gwen Stacy, a vampire-zombie-cheerleader hybrid played by Jennifer Lawrence ('s cousin). 2021: The Spider of Wall Street Peter Parker starts working in Wall Street, and becomes addicted to alcohol, sex and drugs. When King Pin and Man Wolf take over New York, Spiderman has to defeat them before they kill all his dealers and girlfriends. 2022: Spiders Aunt may informs Peter that she will no longer financially support him. He finds that living in New York on a measly freelance photographer salary, while also acting as the city's only super hero, is next to impossible. Mary Jane thinks she might want to be an actress, but maybe not. Harry goes to rehab. 2023: The Lego Movie: Spiderman Edition Lego spidey has to save the world from the giant hand that controls the universe. 79 other super heroes make cameos (in Lego form). 2024: Spiderman's Day Off Spiderman gets too tired after 10 consecutive years of filming. He fakes being sick and stays at home doing the only thing that makes him feel better about his fate- catching up with the 67 Avengers movies he missed.