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May 24, 2009


Gen Yer's


Everything on a platter, right now, minimum effort, maximum payoff.

Hello youngsters of this gen with funny sms(txt) speak that I can't understand half of.

No toiling, no siree, gratification must be instantly now and even that isn't fast enough.

I am saddened that you brought about the demise of the good old look-through of a tangible Encyclopedia Britannica, that unlike myself you now have neither the time nor inclination to build Lego for hours on end (when they were a kid) or that your imagination is now incredibly stunted by what you are told to know and you don't know how to seek knowledge beyond that. A generation who will change the shape of thumbs to come.

A movement that flits neither here nor there but does so consistently each and every day.

I think I would've liked to have been a Gen Y'er.  I could get the top job at the age of 10 because I know everything about the internet even the stuff that hasn't been invented yet, I could have anything materialistic I wanted within 14 days inc postage and packaging. TV would rule me and I could feast upon all manner of quick convenient foodstuffs that turn all of my vital organs into crap sugar fat carbo burger soup.

Just a thought actually no it wasn't that would be too much effort on my part if I wanna be down “wiv" the Y'ers..


Grr I h8 bein olda